School Vision & Values

Founded in 1539, the School’s vision is derived from the Latin motto “Floreat Schola Cryptiensis”: floreat means “to flourish” and at The Crypt we wish all our pupils and our young adults in the sixth form, as well as our staff, to flourish in all that they do both in school, and in their later adult lives. 

Crypt School LogoThis vision, that everyone at The Crypt will flourish, is underpinned by our five key values of Crypt school life:

  • Perseverance – in achieving one’s aims and ambitions
  • Respect - for oneself and for each other
  • Responsibility – for one’s own progress and development and that of others too
  • Resilience – in the face of challenges and adversity
  • Tolerance - of others, of all faiths, of different cultures and lifestyles

To ensure every pupil, young adult and all members of staff can flourish, we have our five key Pillars of school life.  These are:

  • Our open, tolerant and caring school culture, which is built upon the five key values as out above
  • Our rich knowledge-based curriculum, which is delivered by our specialist academic departments and specialist subject teachers, who are supported in their work by a dedicated group of professional support staff
  • Our outstanding focus on pastoral care and pupil wellbeing
  • Our commitment to each pupil’s and young person’s personal development through which they develop essential key skills and personal qualities
  • Our positive behavioural code, which asks all pupils and young adults to take increasing responsibility for both their own and for others’ learning and progress.