House System

Every single pupil in the School will belong to one of our five school Houses. Named after a famous Old Cryptian, each House brings pupils of all ages together for competitions, charitable events and friendship. 

The Barton Shield is awarded annually to the House which has won the most points from all the various House competitions which are organised each year.  Each House has an elected pupil as their Head of House, with a member of staff acting in support; the House system is coordinated by Mr Hart.

William Henley House (Blue)

William Henley House is named after William Ernest Henley, who attended the School between 1861-67. From the age of 12, Henley suffered from tuberculosis of the bone that resulted in the amputation of his left leg below the knee when he was just 20. According to Robert Louis Stevenson's letters, the idea for the character of Long John Silver was inspired by Henley, who was a friend of Stevenson. In 1875, Henley famously wrote his poem Invictus, a poem which has inspired many, most notably Nelson Mandela whilst in prison and more recently Prince Harry’s Invictus Games. His courage and his poetry continues to inspire students at the School today.

  • Teacher in charge - Amy Leask

  • House Captains - Imogen Wyatt McQuire and Max Besien

John Moore House (Yellow) 
John Moore House is named after Archbishop of Canterbury, John Moore, who attended the School between 1739-44. Moore, the son of a local butcher in Gloucester, gained a prestigious Townsend scholarship to study at Oxford, where he graduated in 1748.He held the see of Canterbury from 1783 until his death in 1805, working as the most senior clergyman in the Church of England and promoting the Sunday School movement.
  • Teacher in charge - Emily Burnside   
  • House Captain - Elizebeth Twenboa and Henry Brock

Robert Raikes House (Purple) 
Robert Raikes House is named after Robert Raikes, a founder of Sunday Schools, who attended Crypt until the age of 14. By 1831 the Sunday School movement was educating over 1.2 million children, and was originally conceived to educate boys from the slums, with girls attending later. Some called Raikes' schools, 'Raikes' Ragged School'; however, they were the forerunners of the current English school system.
  • Teacher in charge - James Higgs
  • House captains - Archie Travis and Eva Flitney

Dame Joan Cooke House (Red) 
Dame Joan Cooke founded the School in the centre of the city of Gloucester in 1539.  After her husband John's death in 1529, Joan set out to found a new 'free school' for the education in grammar of bright children from the city.  That new school was founded in 1539, in a specially designed schoolroom next to St Mary de Crypt Church, and which became known as The Crypt School.  Joan's foresight in establishing a new school in Gloucester, also extended to the purchase of land in Podsmead, where the School is currently located. Joan's vision, to establish a new school, has benefited thousands of young people over nearly five centuries of its work and makes her one of the most important and remarkable people in the long history of the School.
  • Teacher in charge - Ash Croft
  • House Captains - Max Burgess and James Elliot

David Waboso CBE House (Green)
David Waboso attended the School in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  His mother was from Gloucester and his father was Nigerian and after spending his early years in Gloucester and London, the family went to Nigeria but became caught up in the brutal civil war. Returning home David and his family found Gloucester and The Crypt School to be a place of both refuge from war and of support.  David, who attended the School with his brother, proved to be both hard-working and academically bright, excelling in science and maths, as well as in sport.  Upon leaving school, he studied Engineering at Coventry University and Imperial College London. After teaching maths in London, David pursued a long and distinguished career in engineering and project management, resulting in his award of a CBE for his work in leading the upgrade of the London Underground tube network. He now works as a non-executive director and adviser to companies in the infrastructure sectors. He remains proud of his time at The Crypt School, which vested in him his values of hard work, fairness, family and friendship, love of sport and commitment to education and learning.
  • Teacher in charge - Jess Barnett
  • House Captains - Harry Clarke

House Pumpkin Competition 2021
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