Sixth Form Life

The School’s vision is derived from the Latin motto “Floreat Schola Cryptiensis”: floreat means “to flourish” and at The Crypt we wish all our pupils and our young adults in the sixth form, as well as our staff, to flourish in all that they do both in school, and in their later adult lives.

In addition to academic success, an important part of Crypt Sixth Form life is preparing students to be successful in the world once they leave us. This means providing a range of experiences for leadership and responsibility, enabling students to have future CVs and applications that really give them the EDGE and set them apart from the crowd.

Student Handbook

The student handbook gives an overview of how things work in the Crypt Sixth Form

Student Handbook 2023-2024

Student Support and Pastoral Care

For many students, the transition from GCSE’s to A Levels can be challenging. So Crypt is committed to offering support to do as much as possible to ensure the academic and personal well-being of every individual student.

Sixth Form Team

The Director of Post 16 Education, Mr Rob Biggs will oversee your progress in the Sixth Form and he is ably supported by an innovative, specialist team. Our Assistant Heads of Sixth Form, Miss Meghan Hayes and Mr Matthew Bevan, are Heads of Year 12 and 13 respectively.

Their work is supported by Mrs Eileen Price as the Sixth Form Pastoral Support Worker and Administrative Officer, Mrs Sarah Troy is our Pastoral Support Worker and Mrs Deborah Jordan is the school Librarian and Sixth Form supervised study teacher.

Tutor time

All students are assigned to a Tutor Group (and a House),  led by a Form Tutor who they will meet twice each day, giving them the opportunity to discuss both academic and pastoral matters. Tutors should be the first point of contact for students and families should personal matters affect any student’s learning. We have a thorough programme of tutor time activities which include assemblies, wellbeing Wednesday sessions, career support, quizzes and public speaking opportunities.

Through our tutor team, HOY, Pastoral support worker and school counsellor, you will be cared for in our supportive and welcoming environment. see link

Financial Support

The 16 to 19 Bursary Fund is money provided by the government for schools to support disadvantaged students to overcome financial barriers to participation in education.

A bursary is money that you, or Crypt on your behalf, can use to pay for things like trips, books, equipment, transport, lunch and Sixth Form uniform. For more information on eligibility and how we can support your application, please see the Bursary application form and Bursary Policy.

A Typical Fortnight

We operate a fortnightly timetable: Week 1 and Week 2 (50 x one hour lessons).

Students are required to be at school for 8.35am each day for registration and tutor time.

There are 10 (9 in Year 13) one-hour lessons per subject per fortnight.

Students attend 8 (10 in Year 13) one- hour lessons on Supervised Study to complete homework, research, revision and super curricular study.

Students have 1 one hour lesson of Personal Education Development (PeD).

Each Wednesday afternoon (P5)  is compulsory Enrichment (see Enrichment section for a typical range of activities)

Year 12 have a compulsory scholarship enrichment afternoon on a Thursday (P5 (see Scholarship Enrichment programme).

Students must stay on the school site during P1 – P4 lesson times.

Students are allowed off site during Lunch Time ( they must fob in and out).

If students have no lesson scheduled for P5, they may leave school at 1.10pm (beginning of Lunch) if they earned the privilege of ‘Home Study’. This operates in Terms 3-6 in Year 12 (students are in school until 3:15 in Year 12 Terms 1 and 2) and in Terms 1-5 in Year 13.

Personal Development 

At the Crypt Sixth Form we highly value the activities that take place beyond the academic curriculum. Please click on the links below to show a range of the personal development opportunities available to students as they grow, develop and flourish in their journey during Years 12 and 13.

Year 12 and 13 Personal Development journeys can be found here:


Programme, Activities and More...

We run the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, World Challenge and opportunities to work or undertake charity projects abroad. Tell us what you have in mind – we’ll see what we can do to support you!

Enrichment Programme

Signup Form 2023-2024 | DOCX 16KB

On a Wednesday afternoon, students enjoy the Enrichment programme. It is designed to develop students’ employability skills and to let students have some fun!  With a wide range of activities, every student has ample opportunity to broaden their interest base and learn new skills. 


The spectrum of activities on offer ranges from rugby and netball to Formula 1 engineering and cooking.  Most activities such as Young Enterprise, Yoga, Chess, Sport Leaders, Cookery, Football and First Aid cover more than one aptitude.  

Scholarship Enrichment Programme 2023/2024

Enhancing scholarship involves fostering a passion for learning, cultivating curiosity, and providing opportunities for intellectual growth. By providing an environment that promotes intellectual growth, offering specialised resources, and supporting students’ academic pursuits, our sixth form centres can effectively enhance scholarship amongst our students.

Year 12 students select at least one activity from each column below.  In completion of the three activities, students will receive the School's Scholarship Award.


Thursday P5 activity

Lead or significantly contribute to an academic  society

Plan and deliver an event


Core Maths*

Music qualification

Primary children tutoring

Primary children mentoring Primary Children Programming

Research/speech group

Department mentoring

Maths Problem Solving

MedSoc (HB)

STEM Soc (AHa)

Model UN (KP, SA, NCD)

Media and Journalism Soc

Debating Soc (EG, MWi)

Speech/ public speaking Soc

Hidden Histories club (JH)

PsycSoc (KSJ/KS)


Lego robotics Society (N Bayle

Young Enterprise (LS/NP)

Languages Society (HQ/BP)

Rasp Pi KS3 (Comp Sci Soc)

Philosophy Society (MY, MP)

Choral Society (JMW)

MAT/STEM club (DF)

Organise a conference

Deliver a lecture to a year group

Organise mentoring from industry

Organise a house competition

*it is strongly encouraged that students taking economics, biology, computer science, chemistry and geography, and not A Level maths, take this option. 




The Sixth Form has a prestigious Prefect team, helping with the day-to-day running of the School as well as with key events in the school calendar. Students are nominated to become Prefects and undergo a formal application process.

Crypt has its own Student Executive, from whom the Head Boy and Head Girl are selected. This significant group of key students meet routinely with the school’s Senior Leadership staff, and impact upon decisions and events that affect the whole school and development of the sixth form. Student Executive members also run the School Parliament system which listens to the whole school student voice on key issues such as teaching and learning. 

...we do not do boring at The Crypt Sixth Form!

Many students will take on responsibilities as mentors for other sixth formers or, more commonly, for younger pupil in the school. This may take the form of academic help but is also with pastoral advice, supporting the work that the school itself offers.

Current Leadership Opportunity (February 2024):

Student Executive Application Process 2024 | PDF 60KB

Study Skills and Revision

Many students find the transition from GCSE to A Level challenging. Not only do A Levels require higher level skills, but students also need to undertake far more independent work and they need to learn to balance their workload.

In order to help with these challenges we provide sessions on study skills, covering areas such as time management, planning, note taking and revision.

Please see below a Study Skills resource to help you get organised and get studying!

Independent learning in the Sixth Form 2023-2024

Y12 Parents Information and Transition into A Level Evening Sept 23

The Crypt School Super Curriculum 2023-2024

Please see below some revision-based resources to help you plan and prepare for internal assessments as well as the summer exams.

Revision Advice and Support Presentation

Y13 revision programme 2023-24

Revision Calendar

Our StoriesAnd achievements