The School expects all students to take pride in being a part of The Crypt School community with that pride in being a Crypt student being expressed through the wearing of our school uniform for all students in Years 7-11, and in having a smart business-like appearance in the Sixth Form.

School Uniform

All pupils must wear full school uniform: in the event of there being any temporary problem, parents/carers are asked to notify the form tutor IN WRITING.  The pupil will then be given a note by the Head of Year which will authorise the wearing of non-uniform clothing for a limited period.

The school can accept no responsibility for any items brought to school by pupils.  Parents/Carers are advised to ensure that their own insurance adequately covers such property. All items of personal clothing and property must be clearly and securely marked with the owner’s name. 

Our School Rules and Home-School Agreement which details more of this information can be found on the policies page

Dress Code (Yr7-13)

  • For all students, hair should be of reasonable length and discreet in style and cut. It should be clean, well groomed and natural in colour. Hair beyond shoulder length should be tied up where a member of staff deems it necessary for practical lessons or extra-curricular activities.
  • No nail varnish for Years 7 and 11 (this includes gel/acrylic nails). 
  • Students with pierced ears may wear a maximum of two earrings per ear. Stud only and must not dangle away from the ear i.e no hoops. Studs must be be removed or covered during PE/Games lessons or practical lessons where staff deem it necessary.
  • Students may wear a small discreet nose stud - not a ring and must not dangle away from the nose.
  • Students may wear one bracelet, one necklace and one ring. No other piercings or jewellery other than those listed are permitted.
  • Any make up worn should be discreet.
  • Religious headwear such as hijab or turban may be worn and these items should be black and not patterned in colour.
  • The shirt collar and tie must be done up and ties should be full length.
  • Outdoor coats, scarves or hoodies must not be worn in school.
  • Casual trousers or jeans are not appropriate dress.
  • We expect students to wear appropriate formal/dress shoes (Y7-11 black shoes only, Sixth Form black or brown) - see clarification of footwear here

The Headmaster is the final arbiter in all matters to do with dress, uniform and hairstyle.

During the journey to and from school, in all lessons, and while moving about the school building and grounds except when specific permission has been given by a member of staff, pupils should wear:

Uniform Requirements - Years 7-11

Trouser Uniform

  • House Tie **
  • Blazer **
  • Black straight trousers
  • White shirt
  • Black, Grey or maroon V-neck pullover* or cardigan*
  • Black shoes
  • Black socks

Skirt Uniform

  • House tie **
  • Blazer **
  • Regulation tartan skirt ** or black straight trousers
  • White shirt
  • Black, Grey or maroon V-neck pullover* or Cardigan*
  • Black shoes
  • Black socks/tights

*optional item

Items of school clothing are available from Monkhouse

Uniform Requirements - Sixth Form

Year 12 and 13 students' dress should be smart, business-like and appropriate to their position as role models for those in lower years. Staff do not want to be involved in arguments about what is or is not acceptable, although they will be happy to advise if a student is unsure whether any aspect of their dress is within the guidelines set out below. If the Headmaster deems an item of clothing unsuitable or inappropriate, their decision is final.

·Black suit* or Black trouser/skirt suit*(knee length skirt) - both options must include a black blazer

·White shirt* or White opaque blouse*

·Sixth Form* or prefect/ club/ honours tie

·Black/ grey or maroon V-neck jumper or cardigan

·Black or brown smart flat shoes*

·Grey or black socks

PE & Games Kit Requirements


PE Kit required for all PE lessons:

White & Maroon Trim/House Colour PE Top**

Black PE Shorts or Skort

White Socks

Trainers (any sports trainers are suitable for PE)

Crypt Half Zip Top**  

Crypt joggers**

Compulsory games kit does differ between the boys and girls programme and the focus of rugby and netball. 

Boys Games KitGirls Games Kit
Games Rugby Top (maroon & gold reversible)** Crypt Half Zip Top** & White PE Top** 
Black Rugby ShortsBlack Skort
Maroon Socks**Maroon Socks**
Boots - any studded football or rugby boot is sufficient for games. Although for those students wanting to play competitive rugby we do recommend full metal studs and not the half plastic/half metal football stud. Sports Trainers (any sport trainer is suitable for games) 
*optional item
**branded item, to be purchased from Monkhouse
Monkhouse also sell the non-branded items of compulsory PE / games kit

On days students have games, they must wear their games kit into school. Students who wear the crypt half zip or crypt sport hoody from Martin Berrill do not need to wear their blazer. To ensure students still look smart and unified during the school day, students who only wear their games top or PE top to school must wear their school blazer. Likewise students can wear plain black joggers or leggings (under their skort) to school. 

In addition to the compulsory kit, students may also choose to buy sport specific kit which is provided by Martin Berrill Sports. This kit is not compulsory but is allowed to be worn for games, sport specific training and school matches. For more information about what kit is available please access Martin Berrill Sports via the link below: 

Buying Uniform

We are changing our uniform provider to Monkhouse - for more details click here

The CSPTA also run an online 2nd Hand Uniform shop. Bought items can be collected by pupils during school hours.

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