Business Studies

Students studying Business develop a love for entrepreneurship, problem solving, reading and gaining a deep understanding.  This will enable them to assess the impact of current affairs on firms and achieve a wealth of transferable skills whilst acquiring a rich knowledge of business theory and strategic thinking. Business allows our students to flourish and become successful, creative leaders and critical thinkers whilst at School and beyond. Business opens the doors to a breadth of exciting and empowering opportunities in our society such as Management, Law, Accountancy, Logistics amongst many other highly regarded professions.

These key syllabus areas link in well with other subjects such as Maths, Geography, Languages, Economics and Accounts and Media. It is a versatile and ever-changing subject which promotes independent thinking and creativity amongst students.

All students studying business studies thrive, enjoy and achieve

Our main objectives in business studies are that students:

  • Develop transferable skills that aid students’ employability as well as academic success as part of their programme of study, and include: independent enquiry, focused research, ICT, team working and presentation skills.
  • Lessons and homework resources to be relevant to current world events – political, economic, social and technological changes.
  • For class and homework to be engaging, challenging and varied

A qualification in Business will get you started in the world of commerce and business and give you the skills and knowledge to progress to higher education, if taken at A level. You could work for a corporation, or maybe a management consultancy. All businesses (and other organisations like charities and hospitals) need sound business skills behind them.

Business Programme of Study

Exam Boards

GCSE - Edexel
A Level - AQA

Extra Curricular

In business studies students have had opportunities to go on trips and partake in competitions like; Year 9 GCHQ Young Entrepreneurs Competition, GCSE Trip to Cadbury World, A level trip to Jaguar Land Rover.

Teaching Staff

C Germaine
N Prout
L Shaw

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