Food & Nutrition

It could be argued that there is nothing more important than one’s life and health. The knowledge of food, health, and nutrition, as well as food preparation skills to prepare students for a healthy, happy, and purposeful life, is at the forefront of our vision. The School’s Food Preparation and Nutrition curriculum guides students to become self-reliant, resourceful, responsible, and respectful members of society as well as becoming knowledgeable and appreciative about ingredients and components available today, and allows students to become self-motivated and confident learners, who can work independently and as part of a team. We nurture the ability for our students to express themselves fluently and grammatically in their speech, in their written format and through the dishes they create.

Within each KS3 year, students learn about the social and ethical responsibilities of professionals in the Food industry, but with a focus on the home environment and the importance of managing finite resources with care and skill whilst having fun. In Year 7, students cover theoretical knowledge on health and safety and on "Food for Energy: Cereal/Staple Foods''. In Year 8, the focus is "Food for Health: Fruit and Vegetables' ' where pupils discover medical aspects of food materials as well as evaluating more unfamiliar exotic/tropical fruits and vegetables available to consumers today. Pupils will also produce dishes that use more sophisticated knife and garnishing skills. In Year 9, the focus is "Food for Life'' based upon protein foods. Bacteriology, vegetarianism, and Veganism are also covered with a focus on individual recipe adaptation.

At KS4, the practical and theoretical skills students will acquire will empower them to work confidently, independently and develop valuable life skills to become self-sufficient young adults with a contextual understanding of current diet related health issues within society. It provides therapeutic benefits through the opportunity to design and create their own dishes that can nurture their creativity and give them a sense of accomplishment.

In all years, high-quality complete products are made for engagement, satisfaction & the enjoyment that comes from creating nourishment by one’s own hands.

Food Programme of Study

Extra Curricular

Sixth Formers have a weekly enrichment opportunity to learn about nutrition and catering for oneself on leaving home.

Teaching Staff

O Antonious
E Lapham

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