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Thank you for your interest in a place for your child at the School. Please select your chosen point of entry for more information below.

Year 7        Year 8-10       Sixth Form

If you have any queries regarding Admission to any year group, please contact Mrs Sue Wales, Admissions Officer - [email protected]

2024 Entry (Current Year 6)

If your child missed sitting the entrance test, please click here for information regarding a late test to be held in February 2024. Please email Mrs Sue Wales, Admissions Officer, [email protected] if you wish your child to sit the Late Test.

Results: Emailed home to parents mid October. What Happens Next?

2025 Entry (Current Year 5)

Frequently Asked Questions

For 2025 Entry the Entrance Test will be sat in September 2024.  The seven Gloucestershire Grammar Schools will be using GL Assessment for this test.

  • The test assesses students’ verbal and non-verbal abilities, English skills and mathematics, and is provided by GL Assessment. 
  • All questions are multiple choice style questions.
  • In one paper, students will be tested on their verbal skills (including comprehension, vocabulary and verbal reasoning).
  • The other test paper assesses non-verbal reasoning and mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding. 
  • Each test session will take around an hour. 
  • At the beginning of each session there is time built in for the sharing of instructions and, for the non-verbal reasoning element, some worked examples. Students are allocated a total of 45 minutes to complete the tests themselves.
  • GL Assessment is the largest independent provider of educational assessments in the UK, also providing assessment materials to schools in over 100 countries worldwide.  They have been developing selection assessments for over 40 years and provide tests to the majority of grammar schools in the country.  GL Assessment works hard to develop its material such that all children are able to demonstrate their levels of attainment and academic potential without excessive preparation. 
  • Familiarisation Material - GL Assessment can be found on their website GL Assessment

    Since 11+ tests vary from one area to another, it's important to note that the free familiarisation materials are generic and may differ from your own test's exact specifications.  These differences may include the length of papers, the types of questions covered, and/or the level of difficulty.

Years 8 – 10 Admissions

Admission to other years groups is via an internal test of a student’s ability in English, Maths and Science.  Children passing the test may be offered a place at the School if there is room in that particular year group. If you are interested in a place for your child then please complete the relevant form below.  Please note that we are full in every year group, therefore even if a test is sat and passed, a place cannot be offered, however parents can request to go on a Waiting List or Appeal for a place. 

Register Interest: In-Year Test for Years 7-10 Form

If applying for a school place during the school year please visit the Local Authority website where you will find more information on applying for a place in Year 8-11 at The Crypt School.  You must also complete an in year application form with the Local Authority by clicking here 

Year 12 (Sixth Form) Admissions

Many students join the school in Year 12 from other local schools and colleges and they find a welcoming and supportive environment.  Students new to the school quickly establish themselves making friends with our existing students who joined Year 12 from Year 11.  

The entrance requirements for our sixth form in September 2024 are as follows:

  • Admission to Year 12 is based solely on GCSE attainment or equivalent.
  • To gain a place in Year 12, Sixth Form students must gain the following grades from their best 8 GCSE subjects (these must be full course GCSEs (not equivalents)

Entry Tier 1- study Three full A Levels (for 2 years)

  • Students will need 6 or more GCSE subjects at grade 6 or above
  • Mathematics and English Language GCSE at grade 5 or above
  • In all subjects a minimum of a grade 6 at GCSE is required to study the subject at A Level.  Access to certain courses will require a higher minimum level of entry (see Sixth Form Information booklet).

Entry Tier 2- study Four full A Levels (for 2 years)

  • Students will need 3 GCSE subjects at grade 8 and a further 3 GCSE subjects at grade 7 or above
  • Mathematics and English Language GCSE at grade 5 or above
  • In all subjects a minimum of a grade 6 at GCSE is required to study the subject at A Level.  Access to certain courses will require a higher minimum level of entry (see Sixth Form Information booklet).

For most A Level courses it is advisable to have studied the same or a related course at GCSE. You should not take more than two completely ‘new’ A Level subjects – i.e. ones that you have not studied at GCSE.

Option Blocks for 2024 Entry: 

Block ABlock BBlock CBlock D
DramaBusiness StudiesBiologyChemistry
EconomicsDesign TechnologyBusiness StudiesComputer Science
English LiteratureFrenchChemistryEconomics
Further MathsGeographyGermanEnglish Literature
GeographyHistoryGovernment & PoliticsHistory
SociologyPhysics Physics
Spanish  Psychology

On line application for the Sixth Form 2024 entry is now open - please use the form below. The deadline is Friday 19th January 2024:

Sixth Form Admissions Application Form 2024

If you encounter any issues with the form, there is a word document form below, please complete this and return to Mrs Sue Wales, Admissions Officer : [email protected]

Sixth Form 2024 Entry Application Form


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