Art is not always about a final piece but the search itself. The journey is as important as the outcome. We believe to develop artistic growth, students as critical thinkers need intellectual and practical balance; individually, in groups and as a whole class. Presented with and guided through problem-solving situations that challenge their perceptions; students are given opportunities to create and discover. The benefits for our students include independent learning and problem-solving skills helping them to become resilient, reflective individuals who are equipped with tools to aid them in life beyond secondary education.

At KS3 our aim is to give students the skills to understand the visual world and the ability to express themselves in a wide variety of different materials with confidence and enthusiasm. Drawing in its many forms, plays a large part of the course; as it allows students to develop a visual language through which to communicate their ideas. We encourage students to make appropriate use of their literacy skills and in addition that of ICT. Students will have opportunities to develop and be influenced through the study of designers/artists work taken from a wide range of cultures.     

At KS4 and 5 all students undertake individual enquiries which reflect their strengths and interests. Students are expected to engage with, analyse and reflect upon the work of designers/artists in detail. They will use a range of processes, techniques and media throughout their work to record observations and develop ideas working towards final resolutions.

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The art rooms are open every lunchtime to all year groups, sixth formers have a designated space to use during the working day if they have a non-contact lesson or wish to take their supervised study sessions in art. There is a lunchtime ceramics club, those who wish to develop their skills in addition to the ceramics lessons covered as part of the curriculum.

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