The Crypt EDGE employability award

The Crypt EDGE employability award (Engage, Develop, Grow and Excel)

In school we wish all pupils and young adults in the sixth form to  flourish in all that they do in school and later adult lives. This vision that everyone will flourish, is underpinned by our five key values of Crypt school life: Perseverance, Respect, Responsibility, Resilience and Tolerance.

To support students on this personal development journey to flourish we have the EDGE employability award. We want to give students the 'edge' over others with their Post 16 and Post 18 progression to University, apprenticeships and employment. This is for all students in the school but the award will have a special focus in Years 8, 10 and 12.

In Year 8 we want students to ENGAGE and participate in as many activities as they can, including activities they already enjoy as well as ones that have never been tried before. In Year 10 we want students to continue enjoying both new and existing activities inside and outside of school and really begin to DEVELOP their talents and begin to map out your aspirations for the future. In Year 12 we want students to GROW and EXCEL as well rounded young people in a range of activities to facilitate their future employability and quality of life.

To help students on this personal development journey we have created a list of skills and activities to help guide them. Year 8 can be found here, Year 10 here and Year 12 here. A list of clubs, activities and societies available for students can be found here.

Students will be encouraged to record the skills they develop and the activities they participate in as they move through school. These are recorded using Unifrog. This will take place during tutor time, community hours and in their own time. At the end of Year 8, 10 and 12 students engagement in clubs and activities will be reported home to parents and students that have engaged will be rewarded for their efforts with certificates at the end of school year.

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