Assessment & Reporting

Assessment is pivotal to both teaching and to learning and helps support pupils to make progress in their academic work.  Formative assessment is the assessment used by teachers on an ongoing basis and helps inform each teacher’s lesson planning to support the learning process.  Summative assessment usually takes place on the completion of a topic, module or at the end of the year.

At The Crypt School staff are effective at using both formative and summative assessment to inform their planning and implementation of lessons.

Throughout each year all students receive Pupil Progress Grades which are communicated directly to parents via our Cloud School MIS (management information service).  Once a year, pupils receive a full teacher report summarising their achievements in that subject, and setting out areas they can improve. The schedule for distributing these grades and reports can be found on the school calendar as it varies between each year group.  

Throughout the year, each pupil’s progress is monitored and where necessary additional support is provided, both inside and outside the classroom.  This support can take a variety of forms and might include academic and/or pastoral support. This ensures that all our pupils make outstanding progress, so they are prepared for the next stage in their lives.

Our Homework Policy and Marking & Assessment Policy can both be found here