Psychology A Level and GCSE challenges students to become skilful critical thinkers who can confidently apply logic; analysis and creativity to explaining complex human behaviours. As students systematically examine the relative qualities of theories for obedience, depression, aggression, etc. they will come to question their own understanding of human nature and progressively cultivate an enlightened acceptance and appreciation for others, built on valid research evidence. Learning to balance the objective requirements of science with the need to be ethically responsible, students’ self-expression; curiosity, abstract reasoning skills and theoretical insight will flourish.

The attraction of psychology stems from the fascinating discoveries about human and animal behaviour that can defy belief and expectations. Even the controversial methods that researchers have used to make these discoveries can surprise students. 

In year one students learn about the core psychological topics;  memory, social influence, development etc., and emphasis is placed on embracing the learning process and developing the independent resilience that is necessary for success before we progress to focus on more complex behaviours in the second year of study. 

Critical thinking skills are nurtured and developed as students learn how to design research to provide valid evidence to support psychological theories and then these skills are used in reverse as students learn to analyse and evaluate the research of well known psychologists. This enables a more comprehensive understanding of the work of psychologists from the germination of theories to the publication of research in scientific journals.

Psychology Programme of Study

Exam Boards

A Level - AQA

Extra Curricular

Trips for exam success, understanding the broader role of psychology, appreciating cultural diversity and studying human and animal behaviour may be offered during the year.

Teaching Staff

K Plummer
K Stobo
H Windsor
K Scott Johnson

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