Modern Foreign Languages

Our vision is that all our students are equipped with the skills to communicate effectively in at least one foreign language and that they develop the confidence and knowledge to travel, work, live and flourish in both their own country and abroad. Through our language curriculum, we want to develop passionate, inquisitive and resilient learners who are comfortable thinking on their feet; and to equip them with the soft skills they need to meet the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly global world.

Each stage of our curriculum focuses on the key grammatical and lexical points that will allow our students to express their ideas and perceive the world around them in a new language. Close attention is paid to selecting and sequencing component knowledge so that our students have the opportunity to commit it to memory and build fluency. Our curriculum also incorporates regular opportunities for students to effectively build a communicative repertoire and to develop their oracy and literacy skills. Student learning in Key Stage 3 for six hours a fortnight provides a strong foundation for Key Stages 4 & 5 and learning additional languages in the future. We know that language learning is an ongoing process that constantly builds on previous vocabulary and grammatical skills. Therefore formative assessment is incorporated into lessons on a regular basis alongside a summative assessment at the end of every unit. These tasks encompass listening, reading, writing, speaking, grammar manipulation and translation skills and will be completed throughout the year when the class is ready.

To best prepare for these we recommend regular vocabulary revision, consolidation from class notes and online platforms as well as from the knowledge organisers provided to pupils. A good guideline is ‘little and often’; ten minutes per day in addition to homework set.
Furthermore, we recognise the importance of providing a broad and varied range of extra-curricular opportunities, both in school and abroad, for students to use their language skills in a real-world setting and to instill confidence alongside a deep appreciation of other cultures. The overarching aim being that we enable our students to become responsible, creative and skilled global citizens of the future.

From September 2022:

All incoming Year 7 students will spend term 1 studying German, French and Spanish on a carousel basis for two weeks per language. At the end of term 1, students will be asked to select which language they would like to continue studying until at least the end of Year 9.  

Please note: We will endeavour to give all students either their first or second choice language but we must also take into account class sizes and staffing considerations. If a student has a special reason to study a particular language, this will also be taken into consideration.


French Programme of Study


German Programme of Study

Spanish Programme of Study

Exam Boards

A Level - AQA

Extra Curricular

There are a number of MFL related trips and activities including; Crypt Day of Languages, Y7 French trip to Paris, Y7 German trip to the Birmingham Christmas Market, Y8 German trip to the Rhineland, Y9 & 10 German trip to Cologne, Y11 & 13 French trip to Paris, and Y13 German trip to Berlin.

Teaching Staff

H Quinn - Head of Modern Foreign Languages
J Jacob-Reilly (German and French)
J Thompson (German)
B Pennington (German, Spanish & French)
S Parkin (French, Spanish)
A Meers (French)

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