The Sixth Form offers challenge and opportunity to all and we believe that we can offer something that will suit your own interests, personality and support you to realise your individual potential. The number of students in our Sixth Form supports a broad curriculum that offers you flexibility and choice.

As a starting point, you can download more information from the prospectus insert and the Sixth Form Information Booklet insert about the course content for each subject, find out how it is taught and assessed and what future opportunities it may hold for you.

For their core curriculum, the majority of students will take 3 A Levels subjects in Year 12 and Year 13. Some students, who gain higher entry grades, will take 4 A Level subjects in Year 12 and will continue with 4 A Levels in Year 13. Students will sit internal mock examinations in November and May for Year 12, and November and March for Y13.

Alongside of this, students can also opt to study one of our academic enrichment choices, such as Extended Project Qualification (EPQ); this involves studying a topic or subject of their choosing and interest. It is an independent research project, which gives a taste for university study and therefore, is highly regarded by many prestigious universities. 

Students will spend the majority of their time in lessons; in their remaining time students are challenged to use their self-directed time effectively, forging self-discipline with their time. Students are also given 9 hours per fortnight of supervised study time, when they work with a teacher in a study room to complete work set as well as using the time to research forthcoming lessons. Students also attend fortnightly Personal Development lessons which tackle financial management, health and wellbeing to name but a few.

Beyond the academic lessons, Sixth Form students benefit from a programme of enrichment including some super curriculum enrichment which includes talks from a wide range of visiting speakers, as well as trips organised by academic departments.

For more information on the individual subjects offered at Sixth Form please visit our Subjects page. For information on the sixth form curriculum vision and programmes of study in Years 12 and 13 please visit curriculum vision page.

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