An awareness of our shared history is crucial to an individual’s understanding of their world; historical knowledge and the associated critical skills that are developed through the study of history, will help shape our students’ historical and cultural perspectives, developing them into informed, articulate and balanced young adults.  Knowledge is the cornerstone of history teaching, and students can look forward to exploring important questions in British, European and World history. An understanding of key historical questions, the nature of change and continuity which are both evident in the past, and the value that studying the past offers today’s young people, will equip students with the skills and understanding to critically engage in the complex world in which they live. Alongside inspiring students’ curiosity, the curriculum will help students to become more effective readers and engaging writers, and they will develop as independent and creative learners; this holistic skillset is particularly valued by employers and universities.

History students can expect to investigate a wide-ranging number of fascinating topics and historical questions. The KS3 curriculum has been designed chronologically around major events in Britain’s (and wider European) history from 1066 onward, which allows students to build a coherent picture of how Britain has changed and developed. Areas of study are chosen for their relevance to British society today, and for the wider moral questions they raise. Introducing a number of different themes (such as women’s history or social history) will both diversify knowledge and harness the natural interest and inquisitiveness of students. A key feature of history lessons is that students will be supported in thinking critically, weighing evidence, evaluating importance and asking perceptive questions about historical sources. In addition, question stems (and associated skills) from the GCSE exam will be covered in the KS3 curriculum, to allow greater academic success. All these skills will be built progressively throughout the key stages, to prepare students for successful GCSEs, A levels, and beyond.

Topics studied in KS4 and 5 are chosen to both complement student’s existing knowledge and to broaden their wider historical understanding.  A level students will investigate American West (taking us through the time after the American Revolution to the end of the Civil War), Tudor England (After Henry VIII’s reign until the end of Elizabeth I), and Russian history (starting with the Russian Empire, Communist Revolution, until the Cold War). GCSE students will explore 20th century USA, Medicine through time, Conflict and Tension 1918-1939, and Restoration England (17th century).

History Programme of Study

Exam Boards

A Level - OCR

Extra Curricular

History trips include; Year 7 Goodrich Castle trip, Year 10 Battlefields of WW1 trip and Year 11 trip relating to exam board content (location to be confirmed).

Teaching Staff

J Higgs
M Hayes
G Hargraves
C Howell

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