School Development and Fundraising

The School is immensely grateful to everyone who has, and who continues to contribute to its development and work.  Many people support the work of the School through their financial contributions, whilst others offer their support in different ways, such as through delivering careers talks in school, by granting sponsorship to key school events, to sports teams and to trips and visits for example or by creating named prizes and endowments.


The School has been most fortunate in recent years to have received a significant amount of capital investment that has improved the School estate immensely.  Over the past ten years the following estate developments have occurred: £1m redevelopment of the old school gym into a fitness room and dedicated drama studio; £1.8m Engineering block, housing maths, physics and engineering; £1m redevelopment of the Sports hall and construction of three adjacent classrooms for the teaching of sports science; £1m project to build a sports pavilion and a netball and tennis court area, and in 2019 a £250,000 redevelopment of the School Reception and creation of secure entry into all school buildings.

The School has ambitious plans for further estate developments and which include: a new six room teaching block, redevelopment of the art and design rooms and the construction of a new music department.  The School works in partnership with its architectural design agency Quattro on many of these projects, and we remain grateful for their support and guidance.

We are particularly grateful to our parents and carers, for their continued financial support of the School through the School Fund and through the work of the CSPTA  and of the Old Cryptian Club  for their student bursary scheme.

If you would like to contribute to the work and development of the School, or would like to become a sponsor, then please contact [email protected] and we will be delighted to talk to you. 

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