Destinations Post 16 and 18

Our support programme in the School is designed to equip students for every stage of their journey with the involvement of a range of external partners including colleges, universities and employers. We encourage students Post 16 to continue their journey into the Sixth Form, but are also aware that this is not the correct pathway for all students. Students at Post 18 receive specific support for those seeking entry to competitive courses including Oxbridge. Students and their parents can expect a comprehensive programme to understand all aspects of higher education and assistance with choices and applications.

We also have an impressive relationship with many employers evidenced by a highly successful annual Careers & Higher Education Fair, visits to Apprenticeship recruitment events, and a series of Career Insight talks.

Our links are further strengthened by the close involvement of our Old Cryptians with their wealth of knowledge and experience across many sectors.

Post 18

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Post 16

Post 16 Destination - 2023Number of students
The Crypt School Sixth Form – A Levels108
Other Schools/ Colleges40
Post 16 Destination - 2022Number of students
The Crypt School Sixth Form – A Levels117
Other Schools/ Colleges30
Post 16 Destination - 2021Number of students
Other 6Schools/Colleges24
The Crypt School Sixth Form – A Levels117


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