IPAD Scheme

The Crypt School is pleased to offer parents of students the option to opt into our iPad Scheme. This scheme allows students to use an iPad during the school day to enhance their learning and develop their academic ability. All staff have been issued an iPad and have embedded them into their lessons, to make them more engaging and interactive. 

We enrol all devices used in school to a Mobile Device Manager (MDM) to allow our IT department to deploy apps to iPad wirelessly, as well as allowing diagnostics, passcode resets and device tracking if needed.

The MDM also allows our school to use Apple Classroom, an application released by Apple to allow our teachers to push resources and apps to student’s devices and monitor iPad usage in the classroom.


The iPad insurance is provided by Albion computers for a period of 3 years (2 years for iPads issued before September 2021) and covers both accidental damage and theft of the iPad. The device must be kept in the provided protective case at all times. If an iPad is stolen, we require the police incident number before a decision is made to replace the device. You are allowed one free insurance claim. A £50 excess will be charged for all further claims.

*The Crypt School and our insurers reserve the right to refuse any insurance claims.*

iPad Insurance Claim Form

If your child's iPad is out of insurance and has broken, please be aware that a replacement iPad must be purchased through the school. iPads purchased independently will not be allowed onto our school network.

Parental Controls and Internet Filtering

Whilst your child is in school their internet connection is filtered. We also block access to the App Store for security and safety. Students will only be able to access Apps free of charge from our internal App Portal that are safe for use in school, appropriate for student use and have been selected by staff for use in lessons.

We recommend implementing filtering on your home network via your ISP to help protect your child from inappropriate online content.

Below are guides for implementing parental controls for BT, Virgin and TalkTalk. If you have a different ISP please check their website for details on how to implement parental controls in your home.

You can also enable Apple's “Screen Time” to monitor your child’s activity and set limits on the device. Due to limitations in Screen Time with managed Apple devices you will have to implement and monitor Screen time on the device itself.  Please be mindful that occasionally we have to reset student’s devices and this will remove any restrictions you have in place.

Please note that these filters will not be perfect, and you should still be aware of the content your child views online.

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