Freedom of Information

The Crypt School has a commitment to openness and transparency and has always been concerned to make relevant information available wherever possible to individuals who may request it, subject to safeguarding the privacy of individuals and to legitimate considerations of national security, law enforcement and commercial interests where relevant.

The Crypt School has adopted the model publication scheme issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office. This scheme sets out classes of information that we produce and how these are made available to the public.  You can access a significant amount of information about the School on our website.

Model Publication Scheme | PDF 287KB

Guide to information available from The Crypt School | PDF 125KB 

If you would like a hard copy of any or all sections of the scheme, or if you need the information in an alternative format, please contact the School via email or in writing at the address shown below.

Making a request for information

Individuals or organisations may make a written request for other information which they believe the School holds. To request information under the provisions of the Act, and to help us to help you in identifying the precise information you require please email [email protected]  or write to:

Freedom of Information, 
FOI Secretary
The Crypt School

Please be sure to include your name and valid postal address, as required under the Act, and a clear description of the information you are seeking. When making a request you can state a preference of how you want the information communicated to you. This could be by providing a hard copy, or an electronic copy of the information, providing you an opportunity to inspect a record containing the information or providing a digest or summary of the information. We will try to meet your preference as far as is reasonably practical, or notify you if we cannot do so.

Responding to your request

We will inform you in writing whether we hold the information you have requested and if so, provide it to you not later than 20 working days after we receive the request. 

Charges for providing information under the Freedom of Information Act

There is no ‘flat rate’ fee to receive information and in many cases we will provide the information to you free of charge. However, you should note that if the information you are seeking is not readily available in the form in which you are seeking it, the School may charge you a fee based on the costs associated with providing the information, for example photocopying and postage (known as 'disbursements').  If your request is for a large amount of information, or for information that is difficult to extract, and it will cost more than the limits set out in the Act to provide it, we can refuse the request.