Tutors & Heads of Year

The tutor group is at the heart of The Crypt pastoral system. Pupils are placed in tutor groups based on the House system which they stay in as they move up the school. The tutor group not only provides a basis for intra-school activities and competitions, but they are often the first place where pupils make new friends. The tutor group also helps deliver the extended curriculum with many groups adopting their own charity and working to raise funds for it throughout the year.

Form tutors have twice daily contact with their tutees and are responsible for registering their groups for both the morning and afternoon sessions. Ideally, tutors will stay with their groups as they progress from Y7 to Y11. This provides maximum continuity for the pupils and gives time for effective relationships to build up. The form tutor acts as mentor and advocate and, in the first instance, they are the person pupils should go to for support and guidance. Likewise, tutors are the first point of contact for parents.  

All years are co-educational from September 2022.

Heads of Year

Year  Head of Year  Email  
7Henry Bowen[email protected]
8Diane Duxbury[email protected]
9Chris Germaine[email protected]
10 & 11Harry Windsor[email protected]
12Meghan Hayes[email protected]
13Matthew Bevan[email protected]

Year 7 Tutors

7DWHannah Searle[email protected]
7JCAndy Hart[email protected]
7JMEmily Burnside[email protected]
7RRZander Rausch[email protected]
7WEHAmy Leask[email protected]


Year 8 Tutors

8DWGeorge Roberts [email protected]
8JCMatthew Nicholl[email protected]
8JMMathew Pinless[email protected]
8RRJulian Whittaker[email protected]
8WEHSharmila Door[email protected]


Year 9 Tutors

9DWCorey Howell[email protected]
9JCDan Foster[email protected]
9JMMartha Hardaker[email protected]
9RRJess Humphreys[email protected]
9WEHElizabeth Lapham[email protected]


Year 10 Tutors

10DWAnnie Hall[email protected]
10JCOliver Antonious[email protected]
10JMLauren Camps & Duncan Walthew[email protected] / [email protected]
10RRJames Higgs[email protected]
10WEHChris Cobb [email protected]

Year 11 Tutors

11JCBen Pennington[email protected]
11JMTom Passmore[email protected]
11RRJames Rice[email protected]
11WEHLizzie Chilman[email protected]
11DWJess Barnett/Juliette Jacob-Reilly[email protected] / [email protected]


Sixth Form Tutors

 12ABAsh Bawden[email protected]
12CMClare Medcroft [email protected]
12DRoDeborah Robertson & Kimerley Scott Johnson[email protected] / [email protected]
12JMB Julian Boon[email protected]
12LWiElizabeth Wife[email protected]
12MYMark Young[email protected]
12NBNicola Bowes & Rachel Lintott[email protected] / [email protected]
12SPSarah Parkin[email protected]
13ADCAsh Croft[email protected]
13CBsCatherine Brooks[email protected]
13CGClaire Gee[email protected]
13EGElanor Gasan[email protected]
13HQHannah Quinn[email protected]
13KPKat Plummer[email protected]
13KWiKate Williams[email protected]
13LSLaura Shaw[email protected]

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