Academic Support

Throughout the year, each pupil’s progress is monitored and where necessary additional support is provided, both inside and outside the classroom.  This support can take a variety of forms and might include academic and/or pastoral support. This ensures that all our pupils make outstanding progress, and helps them prepare for the next stage in their lives.  

The first line of academic support is the classroom teacher. Teachers will ensure that all students in their classroom are making good progress. Where we identify the need for additional support, this might take the form of a lunchtime or after school support sessions, mentoring sessions, revision clinics and study skills sessions.

We also have an extensive subject enrichment programme, which serves to deepen pupil’s knowledge, enhance their skills and stimulate their minds. It can also expose students to various career options that they may not have considered.  

English as an additional language (EAL)

For pupils for whom English is not their first language they will receive additional small group support if required. We monitor the progress of these students and ensure that they develop the necessary language skills and confidence to integrate fully into the classroom. Any student that is struggling with their English skills will also receive this level of support.

We aim to balance the academic support with the need for our pupils to have a break and enjoy school; to relax with their friends and build meaningful and lasting positive relationships.

For more information please refer to our EAL Policy

Reading Support

In our school community, reading for pleasure is a key area of focus. We follow a reading programme (Accelerated Reader) in Year 7 and Year 8 students to ensure our students are accessing a wide variety of books, which will inspire and challenge them. 

We have dedicated a lesson per fortnight for Year 7 and 8 students to do this so that they can see that as a school, this activity is highly valued.  We monitor the progress of pupils' reading age throughout Year 7 and 8 and this is reported to parents so further support can be provided at home if needed.

In Year 9 we move to class readers to help develop the pupils' reading skills further.  

We strongly believe that reading for pleasure and reading a variety of texts, in addition to improving their literacy and therefore academic results, will also open up their imaginations, stimulate curiosity and allow them to relax in an increasingly busy world.

Academic Support

All students have access to a wide range of support beginning with their teacher, tutors and Heads of Year with most subjects offer Support Groups at lunchtimes and after school to provide extra time and tutoring where needed.


Revision and Exams

At The Crypt School, we understand that the exam period can be very stressful for some students. To help we provide support guides and revision timetables for GCSE and A-Level students along with information and guidance about the exams process

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