The Anthony Iles Endowment Fund for the benefit of The Crypt School

The Anthony Iles Endowment Fund was established as a Charitable Trust in January 2020, following the generous gift of over £1.3m by Old Cryptian Anthony Iles.  Five Trustees have been appointed, three of whom are Governors of The Crypt School.  The Fund is invested in an ethical portfolio managed on behalf of the Trustees by Close Brothers, an asset management company who specialise in charitable investments such as the Anthony Iles one.  The income generated from the Fund will provide support to The Crypt School in a number of ways, mainly through providing monies for capital investment projects, the offer of support within the School for local children who would benefit from a Crypt education, a special HE bursary award,  or through the purchase of special items.

Anthony Iles

Born and raised in Gloucester, and only living a short walk away from The Crypt School, Anthony and his two sisters and one brother grew up under difficult circumstance during World War II and the post War years. It was at The Crypt School that Anthony received his education and showed a genius for mathematics and an aptitude for engineering. It was also at school that Anthony discovered a world away from his post-war surroundings and which provided him with the foundation of knowledge, skills and above all ambition to both succeed and to excel in his later adult life.  The mission of a grammar school education, to help support the social mobility of bright and, what we might today call economically disadvantaged children, can nowhere be more seen than in the life and achievements of Anthony.

In his later life Anthony excelled in his work.  In 1967, he was employed by Lockheed Martin and moved to Georgia in the USA working on top secret projects like the SR-71 Blackbird. In 1970, he was moved by Lockheed out to California and rose through the ranks to be become Director of Flight Safety; Anthony also consulted for NASA.

In death, Anthony very generously donated monies to several charities that were close to his heart: The City of Hope, The Sierra Club, The Nature Conservancy, The Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC), the Salvation Army and various clubs and organisations in Gloucester. However, the largest portion of his wealth created named endowments at The Crypt School in Gloucester and the College of Engineering and Computer Science at California State University, Northridge.

If you, like Anthony, would like to donate funds to help the school please follow the links below to set up a single or a regular payment:

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