Our vision is to transform interested students into knowledgeable and informed political scientists. We aim to develop in our students the political knowledge of both UK and US Government and Politics which they will then be able to critically apply to address the key political issues of the day in a balanced and informed manner.  Through wider reading and research, and through their engagement with political issues and ideas, as well as with the main political ideologies, our students will develop into politically literate and engaged young adults.

Government & Politics helps in the development of discussion and debating skills and encourages students to analyse and challenge the nature of democracy in Britain and America. Students in Year 12 look to gain an in depth understanding of all aspects of UK politics as well as studying core political ideas and exploring the foundations of democracy. Within Year 13, students focus on the USA’s political system, and are encouraged to debate and critically evaluate all aspects of both UK and US systems of Government comparatively, whilst using contemporary examples. This allows students to engage with the political issues of the day, to make judgements and further understand the world around them. Independent work ethic, analytical thinking and strong communication skills are key skills developed through the study of A Level Government & Politics.

Through their learning students develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of both contemporary British and American politics and ideologies.  In studying the government of the UK, students will learn about the essential structures and institutions that provide the framework of the UK political system. This will include the nature and sources of the British Constitution, the structure and role of Parliament, and the work of the Prime Minister and his/her Cabinet. The impact of the judiciary and the UK’s devolved institutions will also be explored. The politics of the UK component analyses the nature of democracy. More specifically, students will study the characteristics of elections and referendums, assessing the role of political parties and pressure groups in seeking to influence opinion. Our focus on the USA equally examines the modern political culture from the foundations of democracy, through the Constitution, and how the branches of Federal Government operate today. Finally, students will further explore three core ideologies that underpin political theory of conservatism, liberalism and socialism with also feminism and how they apply in practice to human nature, the state, society and the economy, the divisions within each idea and their key thinkers.

The study of Government and Politics develops many core transferable skills which can lead to a variety of career paths, further study and a lifelong engagement in politics. Many politics students have gone on to study the subject at university, although it also lends well to a variety of other subjects. Due to the varied types of writing and the range of issues examined in Politics A Level, it’s study is most advantageous for many university courses and future vocations. The necessary skills to study this course – logical and analytical thinking and clear writing – are useful in a wide variety of careers such as business, finance, law, teaching, journalism and of course politics.

Government and Politics Programme of Study

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Extra curricular activities in politics include invited guest speakers and a trip to Parliament.

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