1539 Foundation

The 1539 Foundation is the membership organisation for current and former pupils, staff, parents, and employer partners of The Crypt School, Gloucester.

Being a member of the 1539 Foundation will enable everyone from The Crypt School past and present to keep in touch with each other around the world and be invited to various events at The Crypt School and other venues. 

As a member why not give something back - volunteering is an excellent way to reaffirm connections with The Crypt.  You can give a talk or lecture about the career path you've taken, the roles you've ended up in and how your time at The Crypt influenced these, you could offer to mentor students, give students interview practice etc.

If you are an employer, then why not sign-up and join us and meet your corporate social responsibility and help young people thrive by offering; mentoring, attending careers fairs, and industry talks.  

We have partnered with Future First a UK education charity who are helping young people in state schools and colleges from all backgrounds and abilities to broaden their horizons which improves students’ motivation, confidence, and life changes.

There is a strong focus on student engagement in the Foundation by supporting them with mentoring opportunities, attending webinars arranged by Future First and attending careers events as well as having excellent careers support at The Crypt and access a job opportunity nationwide.

The 1539 Foundation together with Future First will help students flourish while a student at The Crypt and beyond.

It takes minutes to sign-up!

You can sign-up in minutes by clicking on the 1539 Foundation Registration Form  or by

Scanning the QR code below

   Alumni Relationship Officer Contact:  [email protected]


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