Drama occupies a unique position in the school curriculum, providing students with opportunities to collaborate, debate and realise their creative intentions. In Drama lessons, we encourage students to continually foster their creativity, personal growth, self-confidence, communication and analytical skills.

Throughout the study of Drama, students develop a practical understanding of Drama as a performer, designer (lighting, sound, set, and costume) and audience member. Students also engage with a variety of time periods and cultures through the study of various Drama practitioners, styles and plays. Drama plays a vital role in contributing to social and cultural commentary in today's society, as well as strengthening a personal sense of growth and achievement. Knowledge of both skills and topics in Drama broadens student progress in a multitude of subjects. For example, skills of communication, analysis and evaluation are stimulated and developed at all key stages of study.  The study of Drama also develops students’ life skills: creativity, problem solving, decision-making, debating, communication, research and discussion.

Drama Programme of Study


Exam Boards

GCSE - Eduqas
A Level - Eduqas

Extra Curricular

We offer a wealth of Extra-Curricular opportunities to Drama students and aim to grow an already well-established extra-curricular programme.
We have an annual School Production; LAMDA exams; Key Stage Three Drama club; a Key Stage Three Performance; Key Stage Four and Five workshops and Theatre trips and visits throughout the year.

Teaching Staff

G Roberts

N McAvoy

R McKenzie (LAMDA teacher)

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