More Able Provision


Ensuring all our pupils are challenged is at the heart of our teaching and learning ethos.  We teach to the top and scaffold the learning of those who need the extra support to achieve our high expectations.  Through the year we have thematic weeks where students and staff get out of their comfort zone and attempt new and challenging ways of learning.

In June 2014, the School’s provision for the More Able, Gifted and Talented was acknowledged by the successful achievement of the NACE (National Association for Able Children in Education) Challenge Award.  Since then we have been re-accredited with the NACE Challenge Award on two occasions: 2019 and most recently in May 2023. This rigorous assessment process includes a self-audit, lesson observations and interviews with both staff and students. The final report validates our excellent provision for More Able students at The Crypt School.

The Crypt School continues to be a member of NACE to ensure we keep up with the most recent research on working with more able children.
We recognise that all our pupils are high performing, and they should continue to strive to improve further.  Therefore all our subjects offer enrichment opportunities on our Virtual School and our super curricula booklet provides links and reading suggestions so 6th form students can broaden their knowledge of the subjects they study at A-level.

Crypt Virtual School:


Sometimes parents can find it difficult to know how they can support their more able children.  Below is a link to an information booklet offering ideas. 

For more information about how we support our most able pupils to achieve highly in 6th form, plese visit

Exceptionally Able

Exceptionally Able students are identified at The Crypt and have Individual Challenge Plans and receive additional support and mentoring.  Through this mechanism, students are encouraged to reflect on how they can broaden their knowledge and skills in their school subjects, but also in their wider personal development.

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