Mathematics is essential for everyday life and understanding the world around us.  It is not just about equations, numbers and calculations it is about deepening our understanding.  At The Crypt we aim to empower our students by looking beyond the curriculum, to link mathematical concepts to practical and real world examples. 

As a department we create a generation of problem solvers and logical thinkers that can think creatively to tackle problems.  In Key Stage 3 we are following a scheme of work which follows a mastery spiral approach and we aim to develop both the mental and written mathematical skills.

Mathematics is the poetry of logical ideas – Albert Einstein

We aim to give a strong basis to move onto GCSE with topics on number, algebra, ratio and proportion, geometry and statistics. During year 11 some students have the opportunity to study AQA Certificate level 2 Further Maths GCSE and enhance their knowledge even further.

Advanced mathematics is growing in popularity and is relevant to many careers.  This is reflected by our popularity at KS5 with students taking Mathematics and Further Mathematics with students studying pure maths, statistics and mechanics.

Mathematics Programme of Study

Exam Board

A Level - AQA

Further Maths
A Level - AQA

Extra Curricular

  • Maths Challenges
  • UKMT Junior and Senior Team Maths Challenges
  • UKMT Junior Maths Challenges – Years 7 and 8
  • UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge – Years 9, 10 and 11
  • UKMT Senior Maths Challenge – Years 12 and 13
  • Year 13 STEP prepartation
  • Puzzle of the month
  • The National Cipher Challenge

Recommended revision websites

KS3 and GCSE

GCSE Further Maths

A Level Maths and Further Maths

Teaching Staff

K Williams - Director of Mathematics
J Humphreys - 2nd in Mathematics
D Foster
M Davis
D Duxbury
R Lintott
P Jones
A Peake
E Wife


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