The form tutor acts as mentor and advocate


The tutor group is at the heart of the Crypt pastoral system.

Pupils are placed in tutor groups based on the House system which they stay in as they move up the school. The tutor group not only provides a basis for intra-school activities and competitions, but they are often the first place where pupils make new friends. The tutor group also helps deliver the extended curriculum with many groups adopting their own charity and working to raise funds for it throughout the year.

Form tutors have twice daily contact with their tutees and are responsible for registering their groups for both the morning and afternoon sessions. Ideally, tutors will stay with their groups as they progress from Y7 to Y11. This provides maximum continuity for the pupils and gives time for effective relationships to build up. The form tutor acts as mentor and advocate and, in the first instance, they are the person pupils should go to for support and guidance. Likewise, tutors are the first point of contact for parents.

Room Name TUTOR
15 7CCD C. Chad Daniels
12 7HDP  H. Dyer-Price & K. Rambaud
36 7GA G. Antony
E8 7AP A. Peake 
27 7AC A Collard
E9 8DF D. Foster
29 8CC C. Cobb
24 8AG A. Green
38 8JR J. Rice
20 8MB M. Bevan
18 9B-TS T. Sperring
39 9H-CBs C. Brooks
8 9M-MC M. Carolan
S1 9W-AS A. Somerton
2 10W-JAH J. Hargreaves 
30 10B-JJ J. Joynson
31 10M-CF C. Ferguson 
E7 10H-JDn J. Dixon 
25 11M-OS O. Sandell 
32 11H-RBn R. Bolton 
6 11W-SG S. Glock
E4 11B-ABt A. Bennett
E3 VIB-JMB J. Boon 
E6 VIH-RSa R. Sayers
C3 VIM-MG M. Gardner
34 VIW-CON C. O'Neill
21 VIH-JMW J. Whitaker 
3 VIW-PW P. Wood
13 VIB-CM C. Medcroft
28 VIM-CG C. Gee & C. Letts
C1 VIH-PN P. Newman 
33 VIM-KR K. Reynolds
5 VIB-ADC A. Croft
E1 VIW- SJ S. John

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