All members of the teaching staff are subject specialists and are assisted in their work by a dedicated team of professional support staff.





Mr N Dyer (NCD)                                       Headmaster – Government & Politics, Games

Mr P Stanlake (PS)                                     Deputy Headmaster – Sports Science, Games

Mr R Biggs (RBs)                                       Assistant Head, Director of Sixth Form, Geography

Mr R Salt (RSt)                                         Assistant Head (10 – 14) Pupil Welfare – History, Citizenship

Mrs C Sturge (CS)                                     Assistant Head Director of Studies - Biology

Mrs J Waterston (JW)                                 Assistant Head (Data, Curriculum, Staffing, Timetable) - Maths


Mr G Antony (GA)                                      History

Miss J Barnett (JEB)                                   Geography, Head of Year 8

Mr A Bawden (AB)                                     Director of Sports/PE, Games, Sports Science, Head of Year 10

Mr A Bennett (ABt)                                    Mathematics, Duke of Edinburgh

Mrs P Bennett (PJB)                                   Mathematics

Mr M Bevan (MB)                                       Chemistry, Science

Mrs R Bolton (RBn)                                    French, Training Manager, Citizenship

Mr J Boon (JMB)                                        Physics, Science, Games

Mr J Bridges (JBr)                                      English

Mrs C Brooks (CBs)                                    Head of Geography & History

Mr M Carolan (MC)                                     Design Technology, Games

Mrs C Chad Daniels (CCD)                           Head of Food Technology, AWE, Citizenship, Enrichment

Mr C Cobb (CC)                                         English, Enrichment

Miss A Collard (AC)                                    English, Enrichment

Mr A Croft (ADC)                                       Physics, Science

Mr J Dixon (JDn)                                       Mathematics, Games

Mr K Downes (KDs)                                    Engineering, Teaching School

Ms H Dyer-Price (HDP)                               Art, Citizenship

Mr C Ferguson (CF)                                    German, Spanish

Mr D Foster (DF)                                       2nd in Mathematics

Miss M Gardner (MG)                                 Head of Business Studies, Accounting, Economics, Government & Politics, Enrichment & Citizenship

Mrs E Gasan (EG)                                      English, AQA Bacc co-ordinator

Mrs C Gee (CG)                                        Chemistry

Miss S Glock (SG)                                     Head of Biology, Science,

Miss A Green (AG)                                     Drama, Citizenship

Mrs S Green (SGr)                                     Science, Teaching School

Mr J Hargreaves (JAH)                                Biology, Science

Mr A Hart (AHt)                                        Head of Year 7, PE, Sports Science, Games, Citizenship

Mrs S John (SJ)                                         Head of Physics, Science

Mrs J Joynson (JJ)                                     Head of Languages (French, German, Spanish,)

Mrs P Kirkpatrick (PK)                                Business Studies, Economics, AWE, Head of Year 12

Mrs C Letts (CLs)                                      Biology, Science

Mrs D Meade (DMd)                                   English

Mrs C Medcroft (CM)                                  Head of DART (DT / Art) Faculty

Mr M Mitchell (MM)                                    Music Technology

Mr P Newman (PN)                                    i/c Psychology, Citizenship, Games

Miss C O’Neill (CON)                                  RE, Citizenship, More Able Lead Teacher, Oxbridge, Games

Miss H Okell (HO)                                     Business Studies, Citizenship, Games, Head of Upper School

Mrs A Peake (AP)                                      Mathematics

Mr G Price                                               PE Apprentice

Mrs K Reynolds (KR)                                  Head of Citizenship, RE & Philosophy & Ethics

Mr J Rice (JR)                                          Head of Computing, Games

Ms M Robin (MR)                                       French

Mr O Sandell (OS)                                     Head of English & Drama

Mr R Sayers (RSa)                                     Head of Mathematics

Mr D Snow (DSw)                                      DT, Music, Geography, Head of Year 9

Mr A Somerton (AS)                                   PE, Geography, Sports Science

Mr T Sperring (TS)                                     Science, Physics

Miss C Taylor                                             Cover Supervisor

Mrs J Thompson (JT)                                  German

Mrs A Whiles (AJW)                                   English

Mr J Whittaker (JMW)                                 Director of Music

Mr P Wood (PW)                                        Head of Chemistry



Administration :

Mrs J Hitchings                                         Bursar

Mrs H Baldwin                                          Estate Manager                        

Mrs T Bayliss                                             Finance Assistant


Mrs S Wales                                              Head's PA                

Mrs J James                                              Data Administrator                                  

Mrs H Wasley                                            Examinations Officer

Mrs E Price                                               Sixth Form Administrator      

Mrs L Green                                              Receptionist                                            

Mrs S Williams                                          Receptionist                            

Miss L Price                                              Admin Assistant

Mrs J McGillivray                                       Lead Learning Support Worker, Assistant SENCO

Mrs G Feasey                                            Learning Support Worker

Mrs H Hughes                                           Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Page                                                Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Stonyte                                           Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Attwood                                           Librarian 


Technical Support :

Mr G Taylor                                               Systems Manager                     

Mr N Ledeux                                              Assistant IT Technician             

Mrs S Ball                                                  Lead Technician (Science)

Mrs S Ward                                                Technician (Science)

Mrs A Berry                                               Technician (Science) 

Mr J Sheather                                            Technician (Science) 

Mr J Loewenthal                                        Technician (DT) 

Mrs N Workman                                        Technician (DT -Food)                                                                                             

Caretaking and Cleaning :                                                                                         

Mr J Burchett                                           Resident Caretaker                   

Mr P Cresswell                                         Assistant Caretaker






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