New Grading & Assessment System for September 2015

New Grading & Assessment System for September 2015

As you may know, the grading system at GCSE has changed. The system has moved from grades to numerical values.  This has already taken place for Mathematics and English GCSE, and is currently being used with our Year 9 students.

The grade system A* -G is being replaced by a numerical system 9-1 (9 being the highest grade that can be attained). In light of these changes and the removal of levels from key Stage 3, we have decided to review our current assessment procedures in the Lower School.

As a result of the review we have decided to replace the current National Curriculum Levels used in Year 7-9, with a linear numerical system from September 2015.  This would mean that there is a more natural progression from Levels 1-9 from Year 7 to Year 11. We hope that this will be a clearer system for parents, pupils and teachers.

The system will come into effect from September 2015 for years 7-9, and for Year 10 in English and Mathematics only.

I have included a conversion sheet provided by Ofqual to help you to understand how the new numerical values equate to the old GCSE grade system. (Appendix A).

Along with the numerical value there will also be a band. For example, a student could be a 6L/M/H: a 6 L would be a low 6, a 6 M would be a middle 6 and a 6 H would be a high 6. This is to reflect how secure a student is within that numerical value.

When you receive the pupil progress grades throughout the next academic year, this will help you to see if your son is working at their target, below their target or are exceeding their target for that particular school year. The target will be given as a numerical value excluding sub levels.

As a pupil progresses through the School, we will be monitoring the level of progress that they are making. Students might well progress through the numerical values quicker in some subjects than others. Progress through the levels may not necessarily be linear, but we would expect to see pupils making progress from the start to the end of the year. If a student is struggling to make progress in a specific subject then support sessions will be put into place to help them.

Those pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9 will be spoken to by myself to help them to understand the changes that are happening. They will also be supported by the Heads of Year, Heads of Department and their subject teachers. If you have any queries on the above, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,


Charlotte Sturge

Director of Studies.