November Poem of the Month winners

November Poem of the Month winners

Congratulations to Ben Evans and Rowan Freeman (both 8EFW), winners of November’s ‘Poem of the Month’ competition run by the English Department. This month’s theme was remembrance as part of our Remembrance Day commemorations. The winning poems can be read below.

Thank you also to our student editor, Daniel Roderick 98MC) and his deputy editor, Fletcher Laity (8EFW), pictured above with our winners.

Watch out for next month’s ‘Poem of the Month’ competition – theme and deadline to be announced shortly.


The Final Shot by Rowan Freeman

Bags and blind folds around their head,

But now they were meant to be dead.

Their hats on their heads and boots on their feet,

To kill an innocent human would be such a feat.

In their hands they carry a gun,

So for the prisoners this was no fun.

All across the valley the solders would stand,

Across the country and in every land.

Prisoners would die for the joy, for people,

Their fate was decided by the location of their steeple.

For many killing the innocent was a fear,

But they were told it was like hunting deer.

After the shot all was silent,

Until the guards became more violent.

They would go and find more Jews,

Because they thought they wouldn’t lose.



La Belle Cemetery by Ben Evans

Looking and seeing the vast amount,

The numbers went further than I could count.

I’d like to say they each had a name,

But some did, others not the same.

Some just a message, some just a poem,

Some said if anybody did in fact know him.

A lot of bodies may have been tossed,

Others had graves, but really were lost.

The patterns of shadows seen from afar,

Seen at best, from the giant stone bar.

The centre of the fields of death,

There was column that towered the rest.

Like a giant grave that was full of names,

The messages to those who had no graves.

You think of one name and look for them all,

Before you know, you’re counting hundreds or more!

I counted Evans and then it thundered,

Evans were doomed, there were over one hundred.

This got me thinking how many died,

Even the young, to help, they lied.

They won’t be forgotten, we’ll always remember,

 With a moment of silence, every November.