Crypt links with a local primary school.

Crypt links with a local primary school.

During the first four terms of 2011-2012, members of staff from The Crypt worked with groups of more able students (years 5 and 6) from Beech Green primary school. The programme consisted of alternate weeks of Maths/Science and English/Modern Foreign Languages.

The students experienced a wide range of activities and they looked forward to their next visit to The Crypt. The feedback from the students was very encouraging: “When we get back to school we are eager to tell all our friends and teachers what we have been doing”, “Going to Crypt has been an amazing opportunity; we have learnt lots and had lots of fun doing so”. The feedback from the staff at The Crypt was also very positive:-

Mrs Bennett, Second in the Maths Department commented, “I found the experience enjoyable and the students were keen to take part. We did interesting puzzles from the ‘nrich’ website, as well as code-breaking and looking at one or two more stretching Year 7 maths topics”
Mrs Sturge, Head of Science and Biology said, “After doing the initial lesson on lab safety we were ready to embark on a number of experiments. I was very impressed with the questions that the pupils asked, and their practical skills. They were a highly motivated group. We were also lucky enough to enable our year 13 students to help out with the practical lessons. The primary school pupils really benefitted from the support the year 13 students gave, and the year 13 students enjoyed helping them with their practical skills”. The photograph shows pupils listening intently to Mrs Sturge.

English/Modern Foreign Languages
Miss Yiend, teacher of English did some amazing drama work. She explains, “In the first sessions the students learned stage fighting and used it to perform Act 3 scene I of ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ Gabe Bell (a former Crypt student) went into Beech Green and rehearsed with them so they could perform to the school in assembly.
In the second session, we used different poems by Michael Rosen to create an improvised, polished piece. The students found it a very different experience to literacy. They worked well together, grew in confidence and contributed great ideas. They approached rehearsal professionally and seemed to enjoy themselves!
Mrs Bolton, teacher of Modern Foreign Languages explains, “In MFL the students spent the first term learning some basic German phrases and learning about Germany. In the second term the students learnt some Spanish and we compared it to the French they had already experienced at their primary school”.

I would like to thank the following who made this excellent project the success it has been.  Mrs Goodfellow, the link at Beech Green for organising the students coming to The Crypt; Gabe Bell, who came into school every other Monday to help with English and the other students at The Crypt who gave up their time to help out in the different sessions; Mrs  MacKellar, who produced certificates, bookmarks and scrolls which were given to the Beech students for attending the sessions and Mrs Wales who transported the students back to Beech Green.  Thanks, of course, must go to the four members of Crypt staff who ran the excellent sessions.
I am pleased to say that we are continuing with this project in 2012-2013.

Mrs J Waterston.
Assistant Headteacher