Our aim is to stimulate a life-long love of language and language learning so pupils can interact with people from other cultures with confidence



Key Stage 3

In Y7 pupils study 2 hours of French, German and Spanish per fortnight. From Y8, all pupils study two languages for 3 hours a fortnight each. They work from a variety of materials but we follow a text book over the year. In French this is Allez and in German and Spanish.  We also have site licences Zut, Gut and Oye, Linguascope and the electronic versions of the textbook to support learning in ICT.

We offer a variety of visits abroad which can vary from year to year. We are planning a Y8 French trip to the Christmas Market in Lille; a Y9 visit to Cologne and a Y7 day trip to the German Christmas market in Birmingham. There is also a German Exchange for Y10 and Y12.

In addition, we also like to invite French and German theatre groups to school to perform in their native language and organise language events to motivate our learners.

Pupils have the opportunity to subscribe to language magazines to support their learning at home. There is a weekly MFL film club and a variety of activities timetabled through the year.

Key Stage 4

The exam board we use is AQA. Pupils can choose either French or German and have the opportunity to do both languages at GCSE.

As in KS3 pupils have their own text book and there is additional help on the department web pages.

The three foreign language assistants work with each class to support their speaking practice.

Revision days at Bristol University are offered along with extra help at lunchtime and after school as the exams approach.

In Year 10 there is the opportunity to go on the German Exchange to Göttingen.  Year 12 students also take part in the exchange and follow a programme of work experience. 

Key Stage 5

The A level course works towards the AQA exam. Pupils have a weekly individual and group sessions with the foreign language assistant and are expected to have a high interest in France, Germany or Spain.

Students are expected to read/listen to the foreign news via the Internet daily.

The Department

Mrs. J. Joynson - Head of Department Teacher of French, German and Spanish

Mrs. R. Bolton - Training Manager and Teacher of French and Spanish, Primary Languages Co-ordinator

Mr. C. Ferguson - Teacher of German and Spanish

Mrs. J. Thompson (part-time) Teacher of German

Miss M. Robin - (part-time) Teacher of French

Plus 3 part-time foreign language assistants Mlle. Océane Darnault from France, Ms. Kristin Clark from Germany and Mr Carlos Martínez from Spain




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